The Secret to Great Ideas

The Secret to Great Ideas

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Take a look at this platter

It looks amazing right?
Take a closer look. There is nothing hard about this platter at all. You were

probably going to put that food out anyway right?

The only difference between throwing the ingredients on a round platter and arranging it into a Christmas Tree is ..... an idea.

That’s it - four little letters. IDEA.

You may also be thinking - “Why bother - nobody cares, they just eat the stuff” 

How did you feel when you looked at the platter above? Did it put a smile on your face for even a moment? Did you think “Aw look at that - isn’t that clever?” These are the little extra moments that I call “special moments”. It gives me great joy to create little “special moments” for my friends and family. They are subtle but they can create positive emotions very quickly and over time they add up. Lots of little “Aww” moments create energy and joy, along with that “warm fuzzy feeling” albeit a cliche. These are the moments that fond memories are made of, they are gifts that keep on giving every time someone remembers them.

Perhaps I’m overstating it, but if the difference between a normal platter and one that makes people smile is just an idea - why not do it? You never know who might really need that little pick me up.

Many people tell me they’re not creative. You don’t need to be creative - you have Pinterest, and my boards, to give you all the ideas. Just follow me and let the ideas find you.

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