Christmas Banners

Christmas Banners

Well they are finally here - Part 1 of my Christmas releases, magical, colourful Christmas Tree’s and a saying that warms my heart.

I love them because they are light and portable - something that can be brought out each season, and they don’t need a bulky frame. The wooden hangers also allow you to hang other things in their place during other times of the year. And they are oh so pretty in my book - full of the colours of Christmas and true to my love of abstract art.

They are crisp and clean - but as you can see, they didn’t start out that way. The painting and design process is actually messy and a little complex!

You can purchase both the basic Christmas Tree, or the one the one with the saying for just $40. If you would like the wooden hanger kit -its an optional extra for $15, but remember you can use this for other artwork as well. It would be great for hanging children’s art during the year.

Enjoy - and I hope it brings a few special moments into your life!

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